Painter – Illustrator – Graphic designer

16 rue Jean Geoffroy Conrath
67200 Strasbourg

Auto-portrait?I was born on December 14th 1950 in Thann (Alsace) and was very young interested by drawing, influenced in that by my father who is an amatory painter. After my baccalaureate, I tasted different jobs before I understood that drawing is my real vocation. A return to the studies at the “Beaux-Arts” high school of Mulhouse completed my artistic knowledge, which is otherwise essentially self-educated.

I consider myself still in training, in search, curious and hungry to discover and experiment new artistic approaches. I like to explore different ways: watercolors, inks, pastels, oil paintings or acrylic, modeling, casting… It seems that an entire live would not be sufficient to discover all the possible forms of expression in painting. I have a huge passion for Art History through the origins of techniques and ideas according to periods, but first for the humanism which is coming out from it and which is bringing to us this soul addition, this poetry, this hope in a brotherly future.

Married and father of three children (rather tall), I can’t count on my paint to “keep the pot boiling”, so I chose a professional activity directly anchored in the market, although linked to drawing. For twenty-five years, I am independent and quite rapidly at the beginning of this time, my illustrator works dedicated to edition or publicity directed me to building perspectives realization. This drawing domain is one of the most complexes in his technical aspects because of the accuracy requirements and the diversity of tools which are necessary to obtain the most realistic render possible. From one to three weeks are full-time occupied to grow from the architects drawings to a picture which will make the future happy owner dreaming.

The decisive tool in this process is airbrush which is allowing to color skies, roofs and fronts in a more synthetically way than with watercolors or tint areas. Airbrush use and control require a long knowledge before you can submit it at your will. I had to invent everything to resolve the numerous shoals which mark the colorization of a “pers”.

Computing had progressively replaced the classical tools by CG picture which is another profession. As photography in its time didn’t eliminate painting, 2D or 3D will not more drive it away and the knowledge of the engraver or the painter will forever be needed to enchant cymas or books pages. In the smelter of my palette, I continue to explore, to experiment and to invent sometimes even pictures capable to surprise myself. Human subject took a central place in my work firstly because it constitutes in itself a challenge by the body formal beauty, its movements and its expressions translating so subtly the soul backwash.


Nowadays, I still work on this during lessons given in the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, high school of Strasbourg. These intensives drawing sessions based on living models allow me to improve my knowledge in a spectacularly way. My projects are now going to more painting, into big sizes and wall surfaces, to develop the lyricism part which is boiling inside me.

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